“_M_A_R_D_ ~Most Anti-human Radical Douche”

"Most Anti-human Radical Douche" Yesterday, I was sitting in a chit-chat session with my brother about something I forgot, kind of general talk, in which he mentioned me a thing related to a word "MARD" telling it’s something I am incapable of understanding as I am not a "MARD." When I asked how does it make … Continue reading “_M_A_R_D_ ~Most Anti-human Radical Douche”


“Ballerina on the Street” 

While remaining in thoughts, she rose; closing her eyes to all the fears; burying them in the deep darkness; standing  up on her toes; flowing her hands syncing to the wind; musing at the music being played in her head; and she made her first move, then another and another and another… and danced like nobody is watching.

“Dead wings of inheritance”

This is a sort of letter in a form of phrasal emotion from a daughter to her mother, depicting her life, upbringing, and the bond they two shared. But, how she is getting stressed with the over worries of her mother for being a grown-up girl and feeling broken and dumped by her own shadow … Continue reading “Dead wings of inheritance”

“Women’s cry”

Cruelty, ruling its worse, our land merging into curse. Its'  my nation, My country, my India       As I see No respect for women, Still, people call themselves human. Girls, being tortured, raped every day, Everyone’s seems Celebrating, lives their way. No one bothering all around, Darn bullshit it sound(s). Why women, so unsafe Is my question? I … Continue reading “Women’s cry”