15 Reasons why you should take a road trip???

Road trips are among one of those dreams we all keep in our bucket list. But, get stuck in our life so badly, that we either forget or couldn't find enough time to mark that dream done. Well, not finding time to live your dreams is just another excuse to blame life for not being… Continue reading 15 Reasons why you should take a road trip???


What is Women Empowerment?

Women empowerment is a very diverse topic in its way. Everybody has their own definition, where some express it with dominance, some cover it with aggression, some with rageful rallies, while others with just any suitable means. Well, for me women empowerment is very different. I believe, it is an expression to contemplate women as… Continue reading What is Women Empowerment?

Shikha's Journal

“Night Sky”

I know it's been a while since I shared something on contemplation. I kind of got MIA right after my last post where I planned to raise women empowerment through this platform. Well, I have been pretty much occupied with things, so just couldn't make to come here and share my work. Anyways, after a… Continue reading “Night Sky”



Once you are on a battlefield you cannot Quit. You become UNSTOPPABLE, and so was she.   Once upon a time, Many many years ago, a little girl was born in a tiny remote village. She was beautiful, she was kind, she was full of joy and the apple of everyone's eye. But, one day,… Continue reading “Unstoppable”


“Ballerina on the Street-A short story of acceptance, belief, passion, and empowerment” 

While remaining in thoughts, she rose;

closing her eyes to all the fears;

burying them in the deep darkness;

standing  up on her toes;

flowing her hands syncing to the wind;

musing at the music being played in her head;

and she made her first move,

then another and another and another…

and danced like nobody is watching.

Shikha's Journal

“Wings to Fly”

How to give a start to my day Where I go to find my way Every time I fall whenever I try, Where to get my wings to fly… I kept hoping I kept looking Rebuilding my dreams, Even if I am breaking… It seems so dark How am I supposed to walk On those… Continue reading “Wings to Fly”