“Travelling is like flirting with life”

"Travelling is like flirting with life you want to stay, but, have to keep moving"  


Fill your soul until, bankruptcy!

Do a job as long as you like it to keep your pockets rich. Live an adventure as long as you want to keep your soul rich. Afterall, being rich matters. ...And I always fill my pockets first, in order to empty it filling my soul all over again and again, untill I reach bankruptcy. … Continue reading Fill your soul until, bankruptcy!

“Traveller’s fate”

“If you are born to travel, you are born to the best fate” https://wpcomwidgets.com/render/ Crossed our ways a number of times But couldn’t make to meet our lives, Every time, now and then Travelling towards a different end, Maybe, it wasn’t the time, the right time… https://wpcomwidgets.com/render/ And we kept going, travelling, In a direction … Continue reading “Traveller’s fate”