“Thoughts for her”

She might seem alone, but she is always accompanied by her thoughts   Thoughts that lasted when nobody was around Thoughts that helped her get over an unhappy mood Thoughts that taught her, she doesn't need people to subdue loneliness Thoughts that kept her occupied and full without making it a mess. Thoughts that helped… Continue reading “Thoughts for her”


” Know your history a little better-The 69th Republic Day of India”

"The 69th Republic Day of India" It's a wonderful feeling to be a part of the 69th republic of the Indian constitution.  Wishing all my Indian friends and readers a very happy Republic Day. A mutual effort of our great freedom fighters and their consistent hard work for independence led to the declaration of PURNA… Continue reading ” Know your history a little better-The 69th Republic Day of India”


“Be Thankful”

Hey! If you have not found any good reason to be happy and thankful and are reading this, then simply you should know you are an amazing person with a beautiful soul and a heart, add your perfect smile as an additional ingredient to make your day bloom like a blossom. I don't know how… Continue reading “Be Thankful”


Why every women should learn to shine bright like a star?

Don't give up on your dreams, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. You might fall, break, hurt, or cry. But if you don't give up, you will fly high to your castle in the sky. If you have managed to come this far, Just hold on a little longer. You will get there soon. Because...

Shikha's Journal

“Marriage is a choice not a compulsion”

Once you turn twenty-five, the matter much and the most, as a rule, discussed topic about you and your life (either in your family or your relatives, in worst case scenario your friends too) is “MARRIAGE”.  The already stated age and word are jibed as a witch magic impromptu and you realize everybody in the world… Continue reading “Marriage is a choice not a compulsion”


“Tree! Ever again”

I will stand strong and sound, Also in loud thunders of darkest clouds, Providing you shades, shelters, and food Even if I am old, I will still be giving, Shedding myself into dry wood, Burn me to keep you warm, And cozy in winters. I might be used as your home decor, Or a cupboard, In… Continue reading “Tree! Ever again”


“The last Kiss”

A tiny tale from my collection. I hope you guys like it. And they decided to lock their hearts together to that very moment and walk themselves in a different direction, to save that love they shared for times, to save those memories they had, to bury the bitterness into graves instead the feelings, they… Continue reading “The last Kiss”



You divide us in Colours of two, One is pink and other is blue, For blended hues you just attack, LGBT, etc. tag. Either you are a masculine supporter or promoting feminism, And then you are talking about equality and humanism? You follow one religion and its God  Then preaches in your community about his… Continue reading “(Un)-divided”