Shikha's Journal

“Things you should know about Poetry”

What is a Poetry? Poetry is everything... From every small to big words, Laughter to sorrows, Melancholy to tender to rejoice. Poetry comes in variable types, Demanding no returns, But always giving... Sometimes wisdom, At times a new direction, new turns. Poetry is... Memories and stories, Pains and glories, Hardship to happiness. Poetry is all… Continue reading “Things you should know about Poetry”


“A Poetry to define different stages of Life”

What is life? Life is... A journey from Infant’s smile, To turning Old and senile, Baby’s whine After birth, To utter silence Under grave hearth, Happiness of making A first friend, To the pain of walking Lone on ends, A game… with Start of having a crush, To end with Broken trust, People with Innocence… Continue reading “A Poetry to define different stages of Life”