“A Poetry to define different stages of Life”

What is life? Life is... A journey from Infant’s smile, To turning Old and senile, Baby’s whine After birth, To utter silence Under grave hearth, Happiness of making A first friend, To the pain of walking Lone on ends, A game… with Start of having a crush, To end with Broken trust, People with Innocence… Continue reading “A Poetry to define different stages of Life”

Shikha's Journal

“The Travel Buddies”

Like you mentioned in your words: “from the same state, different thinking, and mind but we are connected with a passion, that is one of its kind – Travelling” Indeed, you have a point, Travelling has always kept us connected, conjoint, I figured out some words to describe A little, A thread of our linking,… Continue reading “The Travel Buddies”

Shikha's Journal

“Tree! Ever again”

I will stand strong and sound, Also in loud thunders of darkest clouds, Providing you shades, shelters, and food Even if I am old, I will still be giving, Shedding myself into dry wood, Burn me to keep you warm, And cozy in winters. I might be used as your home decor, Or a cupboard, In… Continue reading “Tree! Ever again”



Every day I browse the internet, at least 1 in every 10 posts uploaded, talks about equality. Mostly, I have been reading about the ["equality"] thoughts of people just promoting feminism. Well, I would like to ask, since when the motto of equality succeeded the propaganda of equal rights and became a misleading thought of… Continue reading “Equality”

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“Into the sea”

And here comes one more story... It’s been a long time for what I am thinking to write, my nerves says write when my heart counterattack to tell don’t, and it’s not your time.  Wait, wait and wait till you become sure of what stands ahead is yours or just a bright light, too bright… Continue reading “Into the sea”



It’s a story of a beautiful lady I met once, a pure and an honest soul. It’s a little part of her life which remained untold till she was alive. I believe she deserves a bit of attention for her trueness and bravery which would always put her into nothing but troubles. She deserves to… Continue reading “Pretentious”

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“A peddlers night”

Sunday evening on my way to the hotel, a friend insisted to hang out for a while at peddlers (#chandigarh#sector35). Though I was not really in a mood, tired and a bit sad, but agreed to go. The moment I was standing at the main entrance I could hear the sound of music and the… Continue reading “A peddlers night”

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“A letter to my grandparents”

Dear Grandpa and Grandma You know I have been writing a lot in my life about a lot of stuff and people and happenings but I never did anything for you. I have received many appreciations but, none can beat the blessings I ever received from you both, regardless of your understanding to either of… Continue reading “A letter to my grandparents”


“Way back to Home”

It’s a story of my experience a few days back when I was on a hike for my adventure trip, where I met a friend and his family and I made my stay there for a couple of days. I wasn’t a part of that place, neither that family nor the people I met, but… Continue reading “Way back to Home”

Shikha's Journal

“Words of my Silence”

There ain’t a thing which makes me happy, Ain’t a thing which makes me smile, It’s just emotions I have made, Sometimes last long, Sometimes fade, Right after a short while. I looked up to find a move, To get over this hovering hoof, But I don’t know…. Which way to go, which way to… Continue reading “Words of my Silence”