Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my blog!

I am Shikha Chandel. Most of you don’t know me at all. But that’s alright, you will get acquainted with every new post you read on contemplation. I have been writing since school days but never considered sharing it on a community of people from different backgrounds and mindsets. A few years ago, I was having a regular talk with a friend where I disclosed my love for writing. Like everyone, he asked me to share some of my work. Trust me when I say, what I sent was not really a wonderful piece of art. But, who is gonna judge me right? So, I just sent him a short poetry. Surprisingly, he liked it and suggested me to start writing a blog. 

Honestly, I had no idea about blogging, I still don’t. I was dubious and reluctant about starting to share my stuff on a blog. Mostly concerned about what will be people’s reaction. Is someone even gonna like it? I wanted to write but didn’t want to have a discouraging word from strangers. I was thinking too much. Then suddenly I had a thought, what if people liked my writings? What if they wanted to read more of it?

Anyways, I was free then, struggling with life’s issues. And the writing was my only escape. So, I gave a little thought about blogging. What worse could happen? Either people will not like it or they will. In any scenario, I will always have something to learn.

Keeping that thought alive in my head, I made my first post called “she knows she deserves better” I did not receive too many likes on it, but it gave me the courage I needed to just keep writing. Ever since I have only received encouragement and good words from all my readers. It helped me improve, learn, and grow better. I am glad that I created contemplation. I was a researcher earlier, now I am a writer too. That’s the story of how Contemplation originated.  

Besides writing, I also love traveling, trekking, and taking bike rides. I am a caffeine addict, I can’t survive a day without it. I am a Dan Brown fan. In my life so far I don’t happen to remember a day I slept without reading. In addition to that, I am a geneticist. I love science, puzzles, and mysteries. My friends call me a nerd because I am a knowledge seeker, multifaceted, and never gets bored alone. 


And, if you still want to know more about me, here is a little poetic expression:

I am somebody, who just wants to pen every single thought, hitting my head, rattling about being shared with the world. I am somebody, who loves to write, short to long stories, thorns, and roses, words full of flaws and proses. I am somebody, who would want to write until I figure out the perfection flooding out of imperfections, and this will take forever. I am somebody, who will always be a writer, what if not that famous yet, doesn’t mean I will never be. I am somebody, who still exists and stands for the righteousness and I am somebody, who will always be a little more than useless, better than being nobody.

Through this platform, I am aiming to promote awareness of gender equality and empowerment. It’s an independent effort now, but your love and support can change it to a collective one. Let’s do this together because change is what we need, change is what we seek. Equality is empowerment, and its needed now more than ever. 

I appreciate your precious time for visiting contemplation.

Thank you!

Shikha Chandel 😊


23 thoughts on “About”

  1. You are somebody who pens down every single moment with such a wonderful thoughts… Whosoever reads your story feels connected. You are somebody who is simply a gem to the writing world. Best wishes, hope you keep on drawing your thoughts and proliferate the wisdom of happiness forever…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Dear Kumar Digvijay, thats really wonderful appreciation. I feel a little moving towards my goal and little more accomplished, when I see i am capable of drawing some atttention on my work. And its a very content feel when i find readers like you are connecting to my thoughts. I will sure be writing more often to reach as many hearts as possible. Thanks for your compliments.


    1. Thank you for following back Kirilaine. Since we as humans are imperfect, however, can bring perfect words or ideas in some cases. That is what i am trying to do here. I am glad you liked it. I look forward to have you more often 🤗
      Keep reading because a lot more is coming soon. ✌️

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