Shikha's Journal

Adios 2018! Binevnido ​2019!

Adios is a Spanish word for goodbye and Bienvenido means welcome in Spanish.

We all know goodbyes are always painful and there isn’t any best way to say goodbye to the passing year. However, we always have something special to welcome the new year. Likely, I have found my own special ways to bid the last goodbye to 2018 and welcome wholeheartedly 2019. Adios 2018! Bienvenido 2019! And I do that by rewarding myself at the end and the beginning of every year. This gives me the motivation to do better in life.

Let’s see how I said my goodbyes and welcomes this year.

Give your self the best treatment in the last days of your year as a reward for everything you have been through. It helps you to be prepared for the upcoming year.

I spent my last two days in a new place meeting some old friends and visiting new locations. This is the only time of the year when I reach out to new people, interact with them, hear their stories, and make short yet beautiful memorable moments. These brief reminiscences prepare me to welcome the coming year wholeheartedly and bid the last goodbye to the ending one not with sorrows, but smiles. I spend this time of the year somewhere in solace, thanking my loved ones for being there every now and then. I also thank all those people who happened to be a part of my life just for short whiles, yet, gave me the most meaningful lessons. And I am thankful to all my readers for being here on contemplation.

Somewhere in Dharamshala

There is a lot to say today, but it’s hard to write everything that goes in my head in words. So I will share only a small piece from my journal. Since I am a mountain girl, I have a very deep connection with hills. If I have a chance I would always spend my new year close to mountains. Just sharing these lines I wrote this morning from my hotel room as a goodbye and a welcome note that says:

…and I missed the sunrise today, I haven’t missed the sunshine. I am sitting right in front of my window and the view outside is mesmerizing. The snow-covered peaks, standing straight like a protectant, telling me, do not worry my dear. I won’t let anything hurt you as long as I stand straight. Everything has to go through me before they could reach you. And I think these mountains help me sleep better. They are the guardians. I could just sit in front of this view and write as long as the coffee is being served by my table. These mountains are the symbol of hope. They teach me no matter what I go through in life, learn to stay strong and the sorrows will sweep with time. These mountains tell me no matter wherever I go, I will always find them sneaking a little from afar, reminding me that I am not away from home.

Snow-capped mountains, Dharamshala

I hope you all find you home where you feel safe, warm, and loved. With that, I wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Adios 2018! I have had a wonderful year. Bienvenido 2019! I am hoping to have a great year.

Naddi Sunset Point

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