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​”Christmas Detour-a story based on real life experience and you can’t miss to read it”

Christmas detour is a real-life experience based story. It is something you can’t miss to read. Because it holds one of the most beautiful messages of life, you might have been waiting to hear for a long time. Also, I know it’s been a while and I haven’t come by, not even once to say hello to my friends here on contemplation. But, I am certain, you will all forgive me when you read this beautiful incident of my life happened to coincide a little bit with the story and the youtube video link below. It’s really a nice one. So, please do find 10 mins from your busy schedule and detox your day with this detour story.

Two strangers who meet by a twist of an algorithm realize they have more in common than they would have imagined. Together they find out what it means when two people form an unlikely yet beautiful connection in the middle of the night.

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Three years ago, I wasn’t in a very good place in my life. I was dwelling more on the dark sides that I couldn’t even see a single flash of light passing by. I was struggling through personal and professional life’s imbalance. Although I looked happy and healthy, I was rotten inside. I was living in the worst places in my head, piling up on negativity. I didn’t realize I am just days away from destroying myself completely. Nobody, could see and even guess what I was going through. I was so sick of feeling that way. I wanted to end it but didn’t know how.

It was Christmas, my favorite festival of all and I didn’t want to be alone. So, I went to a friend’s place to find a piece of joy in my life, at least for a while. Both of us had no certain plans for the day but decided to go out anyways. We headed to church first. I am not a strong believer, but that day I prayed. I was so sick of my life that I need a ray of hope. I prayed:

If you are somewhere, give me something to hold on a little. So, I just don’t give up on myself yet.

Ray of Hope

Yeah, what can I say, desperate times? You try everything in your power.

Then moving on, we binged on some street snacks and I wasn’t really feeling very well. I even remembered writing sad poetry about how unhappy I was and how DULL and DOOMED MY CHRISTMAS was going. I was all prepared to go home, and my friend had a change of heart. She said, okay let’s go to Sector-17 market, have some ice-cream, stare on people, and when its dark, we will go home.

So, we went to the market, had popcorn and cola instead of the softy and made ourselves comfortable on lonely empty tree-ring in a slam-bang marketplace.

Suddenly, we both saw a stranger upright at our face. I glanced…

A 5’10” guy, healthy looking, long black beard, a mustache, well combed black hair; nicely dressed in a black sweater, blue jeans, and brown or black shoes I guess.

It’s 3 years ago, I am trying my best to remember, okay.

He was trying to make a conversation and I turned on my defensive mode, effective immediately. It’s not my fault that most of the girls in India are taught that strangers are not good people, and good girls don’t smile at strangers.

I am very opposite of what you see in normal girls, but I was protective for my friend.

He approached. Said Hello! Like a gentleman.

I think he started with the sentence that… I was passing by and saw you two sitting together. I couldn’t stop myself and wanted to ask…?

Before he could say another word, I gave him an angry stare, as if going to eat him alive for my dinner, and said WE ARE NOT INTERESTED.

He smiled and replied back… ma’am, I am not a salesman.

I am not even from around here. I was visiting Chandigarh with my friends and they have ditched me. Now they are lost somewhere in the crowd.

I saw you two; you looked very different. So, just felt like talking.

Are you two FRIENDS or SISTERS?

My prompt reply, SISTERS.

Oh, Great! Which one is Elder?

I said, She.

He literally LAUGHED and said it on my face, you, MY DEAR ARE A TERRIBLE LIAR.

I protested a little that I am not lying, but then cut him some slack. Well, he was cute, I couldn’t resist his charm. But, I didn’t let it on my face. I was still stern and suspicious, anyways allowed him to sit with me.

He asked, how long have you two been friends?

Me: 11 years counting.

He was surprised that I never saw two girls friends for that long. Indeed, we are different.

We started talking casually about work, profession, whereabouts etc. etc. Soon, another stranger joined us. He happened to be the lost friend of stranger-I.

Stranger-I is an engineer, stranger-II is a doctor. And I am not sure, it was even true. It doesn’t matter because in comparison to them I was lying at a speed of 10x. But, it was fun. Now, four strangers are sitting on tree-ring on a Christmas eve, having a conversation and no one is flirting.


No. People like that do exist. I know rare, but they exist.

So, we continue talking and it started to get interesting when I stopped treating them like criminals and bad guys. I guess I don’t really have to be too judgemental. The world is not full of murders and rapists, there are some really kind beings alive as well. Most of them might have a very different life and likes than I do, but some of them may have some common interests too.

Stranger II was talking more with my friend because they share more common things to talk. So, I will not discuss that part here. I had similarities with stranger-I. Let’s just focus on that, because, it has a lot to do with why I am writing this story here.

I have to admit I behaved like an arrogant brat initially. Later on, when we found a common topic to talk we got along pretty well. I mean, there are many things I love, but psychology is among one of my favorite. And in my lifetime, I have not met any guy who loves psychology as much as I do. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to say that I am the only one in Chandigarh who reads psychology for fun. But, I never met anyone who does. So, it was just surprising. After all, you don’t meet a stranger on a Christmas eve with a taste in Psychology. Right? And the ones who are better than you, are even rare.

We kept talking on many things and laughed a lot. I was feeling a little happy. My day actually started to get better. Then suddenly, he asked me… okay tell me if you have one wish to get today, what would you ask for?

If anyone asks me now, I certainly know how to answer. But, back then, it seemed pretty complicated. I couldn’t find anything much to say.

He then looked into my eyes and said I am your secret Santa, wish what you truly want. You never know it might come true. I smiled at him for saying this, but inside, I know I WISHED TO BE HAPPY. Truly happy. And in that one particular moment, it felt like my prayer in the church was actually answered. Because I couldn’t see much but in that fraction of time I found my ray of hope.

We spent 1 hour talking to each other and it never got awkward, not even a bit. Lastly, when stranger-I was about to go he shook my hand and said I am Parikshit by the way. I smiled and said I am Shikha. We both smiled and bid goodbyes. But, before leaving he said something that made me think harder and is one of the reasons I count myself among one of the happiest people in the world. He said:

Don’t go so hard on yourself. Let is loose a little. Give your life a purpose to live and yourself a reason to smile.

Learn to smile to the fullest, with or without any reason.

Maybe these were not the exact words he said. But these were the words I needed to hear.

That day, I went home and kept on thinking about the entire day. I realized two things. First, strangers are not monsters, they are human beings like any of us. Second, a small piece of healthy conversation with strangers can be mind awakening. All we have to do is to stop being judgemental and start welcoming opportunities that bring smiles on our face.

I received my hidden message or I might say a gift from secret Santa. That day, I promised myself that I will find my purpose in life and reason to be happy. I will make a difference in my life. I didn’t know much that how am I going to do it. So, I just did what I thought at that moment was the best thing to do.

I planed a new year trip right after Christmas. This trip was all the things I have never done in my life. It was planned to help me reconnect to my true side, believe-in me more, step-up and start taking my life in my hands. I was done being unhappy. I went for paragliding, camping, bike riding, exploring mountains, and meeting people.

And ever since there is no stopping. I go every year to a new place, every year I try something new, and make an extra effort to become a better human being. Above that, I do things that make me happy. I work very hard and at the end of the year, I treat myself.

The reason, I shared this story is that many of my friends out there might have had a phase like I did where most of us are focusing more on negative aspects of life. We are busy complaining so much that we even find it hard to remember when was the last time we had a good laugh.

I learned to change my life 3 years ago and I am still trying. You can do it too. Find some time to think about what is it that makes you really happy? When you find your answer, spend at least a little bit time doing those things.

I hope I could be that stranger in your life who is the reason to help you find your purpose and reason to be happy. With this, I wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Have Good Christmas Eve folks!


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