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The story of how​ Contemplation started

Hello dear readers!

Today, through this post I would like to take an opportunity to thank you all for being a constant support for contemplation. Although I am not very regular on writing here, still you all have shown great love. Contemplation is growing slowly but strong. It gives me an immense pleasure to see you all connecting to each and every content I post here. Every new like, comment, share, and subscriber adds up a value to Contemplation page and encourages me to become better every passing day. 

So, I thought of sharing how I actually started. I hope you will be happy to know the story and will keep adding more value by helping contemplation grow and do better in future endeavors. 



“Make your achievements as big that the world looks small; make yourself as humble that your eyes reflect it all”

~ Shikha Chandel 

I am Shikha Chandel. Most of you don’t know me at all. But that’s alright, you will get acquainted with every new post you read on contemplation. I have been writing since childhood but never considered sharing it on a community of people from different backgrounds and mindsets. A few years ago, I was having a normal conversation with a friend where I disclosed my love for writing. Like everyone, he asked me to share some of my work. Trust me when I say, what I sent was not really a wonderful piece of art. But, who is gonna judge me right? So, I just sent him a short poetry. Surprisingly, he liked it and suggested me to start writing a blog. 

Honestly, I had no idea about blogging, I still don’t. I was dubious and reluctant about starting to share my stuff on a blog. Mostly concerned about what will be people’s reaction. Is someone even gonna like it? I wanted to write but didn’t want to have a discouraging word from strangers. I was thinking too much. Then suddenly I had a thought, what if people liked my writings? What if they wanted to read more of it?

Anyways, I was free then, struggling with life’s issues. And the writing was my only escape. So, I gave a little thought about blogging. What worse could happen? Either people will not like it or they will. In any scenario, I will always have something to learn.

Keeping that thought alive in my head, I made my first post called “she knows she deserves better.” I did not receive too many likes on it, but it gave me the courage I needed to just keep writing. Ever since I have only received encouragement and good words from all my readers. It helped me improve, learn, and grow better. I am glad that I created contemplation. I was a researcher earlier, now I am a writer too. That’s the story of how Contemplation originated.  

I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for being this supportive and encouraging audience. You all give me a reason to find some time from my busy schedule, come back to contemplation whenever possible and share my thoughts. Thank you for being such sweethearts. 

Love Love!

Shikha Chandel 



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