If your brain knows you can; you definitely can!

Well, after a long time I wrote something that I want to share with all my readers. Because I think everyone with goals and ambitions might have faced similar experiences. These experiences make us who we are today. And if we don’t give up on our dreams and work an extra effort to teach ourselves that we can do it; yes, we surely can.  This post is all about that. Have a read yourself and let me know what you think of it?

Somedays are like this,
Somedays are like that;
Working hard for the future,
walking past the comfort.

But, sometimes I get those feelings
When nothing seems right.
The world looks dark and life slipping out of my sight.

Is it normal?
Is something wrong with me?
Maybe I am too ambitious;
Maybe I am thinking too much;
Maybe I am missing out on something.

These feelings are not very often now
But they aren’t totally gone.

My brain bleeds
My heart aches
And stomach cranks
Every time I am having self-doubt and low beliefs.

And I keep wondering…

Am I ever going to be there where my dreams are living?

Sometimes I sleep over this thought;
Sometimes I muse.

I don’t find all the answers in silence but it provides calm and help me think deep, hear my inner voice.

That says… success comes with a price.
Hardship is what I pay in.

And, of course, it is not going to be easy;
If it was, everyone would be successful and great.

Either I let my dreams die and get over the current pain.
Or I push these feelings aside, feed myself with courage.
Because keeping my dreams alive is up to me.
The bigger I dream, the bigger the price I pay.

Life isn’t easy.
It’s never gonna be. 

Thus, my days are always going be like this and like that.

Would it be worth?
Can I take it?
And both my conscious and subconscious states of mind say it together…
Yes, it’s worth it. And damn yeah, I can take it. 

If your brain knows you can, you definitely can!

Happy Reading! Happy Saturday!




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