Scientists say​ Women are Better managers than Men!!

So, I was going through my writings and found this article I wrote a year back. It’s quite an informative one and thought to share with everybody. 

Because good words should spread everywhere. And this one should even spread faster!!!

We, women, have known for years that we are indeed good managers because we are so damn good at everything we do. We are just always almost perfect. It’s an inborn trait.

We do things just the way we do it. And, we like it just the way we like it. 

That makes it all so better. So…Yeah!!

!!Women are better Managers!! 

Says WHO???


And of course Science too. 

Who makes better managers: Men or Women?

As we already know:

“Managers are born, not created” 

And this just answered everything already.

But, the ones who are looking for more reasons, should read the explanation below:

Irrespective of the “gender” people are likely to become more successful because of talent, skills and a few exceptional genes. It might not be wise to ask who makes better, among men or women as managers. Despite the abilities and talents, there have been many reasons influencing the progress of a person in any profession. One’s capabilities to not to give up, consistent practice, learning’s and polishing new skills and not to forget the upbringing, help, support, education, and opportunities are correlated factors to have a top hand in achieving success.

While I keep my opinion neutral to this question, there are clear statistics, taking a big leap into limelight speaking of scientific research studies that tend to believe that women make better managers than men. So, talking psychology here, across the preceding decades, the researchers have discovered physiological variations in the brain of men and women. The neuroscience study says female brains are some percent larger but female brain has more neurons in particular areas and also tend to have a larger corpus callosum, a part of the brain i.e. the group of nerve fibers connecting left and right hemispheres for communications by transmitting neural signals. This makes females active in transporting data between the analytic, logic, reasoning left half and creative, imaginative, intuitive right half. The result shows the women are more flexible and find multitasking easier whereas, men are usually left-brain directed, good at solving analytical and reasoning problems.

However, being cast and colored in a different character, aspect, and expectation of society as men and women in behavior, perceptions, and everything else, yet, women exhibit better leadership strengths.

As per Debra Burrell, psychologist and regional training director of the Mars-Venus Institute in New York, “Women managers tend to have more of a desire to build than a desire to win”, and “Women are more willing to explore compromise and to solicit other people’s opinions”, whereas, men often think if they ask other people for advice, they will be looked as uncertain or as a manager who doesn’t have answers, in short men have more of ego problems in comparison to females.

So, when men tend to be more confident and faster decision makers, more adept at forming “navigational relationships” i.e. the temporary team’s set up for short-term goals. Females tend to be better at empowering staff, encouraging openness and are more accessible, quicker responding to calls for assistance, more tolerant of differences, more skilled at magnifying diversity, identifying problems more quickly and accurately, better at defining job expectations and providing feedbacks, better diplomats, better at finance management, better at managing work-life balance.

Although, women are proven better as managers still it’s hard to digest fact for some, but, “why to look for it if you don’t want to believe it”. Women have walked a long way of hardship and still a way to go. Give them some time and appreciate a positive competition around workplaces have an actual definition of being “BETTER.”

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PS: Drop your thoughts in comments so I can know what do you think about who makes better managers and why?

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7 thoughts on “Scientists say​ Women are Better managers than Men!!”

  1. I’ve end up being disappointed under women leaders, but men leaders have brought more believe in me.. 😉 Hopefully you will be the best manager of your time!


    1. Well, exceptional cases are everywhere. But, certainly, I aim to be a better one. That’s the whole point of writing this post. Bring awareness and encourage women to be the best version of themselves. The same goes for men too. 🙂


  2. I would largely agree. My experience has been that women in managerial positions have generally had to work so much harder to get there that they are more qualified than their male counterparts. I know there are women who are bad managers (one of my current employer’s clients is a perfect example), but I also know that 99% of the time I can trust a manager who is a woman to know what she is doing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your response Kevin. It adds weightage to this post. And will help every reader understand too. Women are indeed very good managers. But, ofcourse it is not entitled to a gender. It takes efforts snd learning to be good at your work.


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