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Friends that last longer than 7 years are not just friends, they are family!!! And we are a Family too!!! We are the Rolling Stones.

Okay, guys, a lot of you ( my Indian readers and friends) have been asking me about me and Bhuvi… who are we? What sort or relationship do we hold?

I think its very difficult to explain each and everyone about the bond we share. Most probably, I just don’t feel the need to explain anything to anyone. But, considering the number of concenrs so many of you are having, I am going to express our relation in my usual poetic way, in my style. I hope it gives you the answers you all have been looking!!

So, it’s a small piece of poetry, I just wrote trying my best to express the strength of the bond we share. It’s a very special part  of my life, which is very close to my heart, and something I am super proud of.

It’s about two friends (more like a family) I named “rolling stones.” I chose this name because it fits in well with our lives. So, when you ask me who are we? I say… we are The Rolling Stones!! Why??

Just give it a read and know for yourself…

“The Rolling Stones”

We are the two stones thrown on the crowded street

Rolling and stalling, 

Moving and falling, 

on every walking feet.

We floated on the rivulets 

drowned in the oceans;

Climbed back on the mountains

and tumbled down the hills. 

We were two stones

Facing all troubles alone.

Crushing and rushing 

Our dreams and desires 

For all the wrong people.



And dumped. 

Yes, we faced it all, like two stones.

And it continued…

Then, we were stuck on a seashore

where the bigger waves

are destroying our core.

Throwing us from rock to rock;

However, once in a while giving us chances

to do a hello talk. 

That’s how we became friends.

It is said, pain feels a little less

if you share;

But, it has to be somebody

who has either gone through it 

Or at least care.

We were both…

And, once again,

we two dared one more time;

to take a test of life

with no plans. 

Just looking forward,

to go back

From where we begin.

So, when the fate used its Magic wand,

we let the rushing water turn us into sand;

we let the wind take us home,

Back to the mountains where we belong;

Now and Forever, one half and other-half, the Rolling Stones. 

That was us “the Rolling Stones.”  Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section. Like I already mentioned in the previous post I will be more regular. So I am keeping that promise. I am still figuring out particular days I should make posts, and what kind of content you guys would like to read more often. Let me know all in the comments.

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Happy Saturday!!! Happy Reading!!!


4 thoughts on “Friends that last longer than 7 years are not just friends, they are family!!! And we are a Family too!!! We are the Rolling Stones.”

    1. Thank you so much Vishal. I am trying to be more active and still figuring out what content should I share most often and what specific days and time should I go live with my posts. Feel free to suggest me anything. Also, it will be great if you could share with your friends. Don’t forget to follow on Twitter, Instragram,and Facebook. 🙂


      1. Well if you ask me, I am also new to this world of blogging. I post whatever I feel like, irrespective of the topic. Anyways the choice is yours. Wish you all the best and be honest in your post, I am sure very soon you post will be all over this site. 👍👍❤️❤️


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