15 Reasons why you should take a road trip???

Road trips are among one of those dreams we all keep in our bucket list. But, get stuck in our life so badly, that we either forget or couldn’t find enough time to mark that dream done.

15 Reasons Why you should take a Road Trip???
Road Trip(Bangalore to Wayanad 400kms)

Well, not finding time to live your dreams is just another excuse to blame life for not being fair on your end.

We all have enough time!!

What we don’t have is:

“courage to live what we dream, and dream what makes us alive.”

I have been hitting the roads every now and then recently, and I learned things I couldn’t have learned otherwise. Being on road taught me to be more audacious and strong and to stand for what I believe in and do it anyway, irrespective of others opinion about it. Every time I hit the road, it introduced me to a new me. I think I found a new home for me. A home on a road, a nomads life, not because I am aimless; because:

I aim to see what most of us can’t. I aim to be what most of us won’t.

I aim to do what most of us don’t.

I aim to explore. I aim for more.

I aim to witness real beauty. Nature!

and I aim to adore it from my innermost core.

I aim to not settle; just not yet!!!


Since our life is limited and we have unlimited dreams and desires, it becomes important to prioritize our things and work hard to live up to each one of them. A road trip should be one of such priorities. Today, I am going to share, what being on roads- taking road trips can bring to you.  Here is the list of all whats and whys?

1. Adventure: Road trips are super fun and exciting. It spices up your boring life with some daunting experiences.

2. Freedom: There is no more freedom in other trips than on a road trip. You decide your own stoppages and your own journey.

You are your own boss!! At least on a road trip.

3. Discovery: The moment you hit the road, the explorer inside you becomes alive. It gives you a whole lot of opportunities to discover the world or maybe you could discover another side of you. You never know Right??

4. New Places: It makes you find time to open your checklist of places you wanted to visit. Obviously, nobody wants to go to the same place on a road trip. So, it’s always a new destination.

Yay!! Yay!! Yay!!!

5. Meeting Friends: Need an excuse to meet an old friend? Just hit the roads.

6. Bonding: We meet a whole bunch of new people on road trips. Some are just acquaintances, while some just become lifelong friends. And its always good to have friends in every city. They come handy in tough times. Road trips not only helps you bond well within your circle, it helps you bond outside the circle too.

Friends!!! Friends of friends!!! His friends!! Her friends!!! Not friends!!! Their friends!! Our friends!!! Nobody’s friends!!! I don’t have friends!! I don’t do friends!! They are friends!!

!!Road-trip covers all of it!!

7. Going beyond comfort zone: The moment you think about taking a road trip, you have actually moved a step out of your comfort zone. Road trips are not very comfortable to take. It’s a long hour journey, to an extreme place, with the adversities awaiting your way.

!!And taking that thought is just not everybody’s cup of tea!! ummm Ummm… not everyone can do it.

8. Courageous: Road trips also give an uplift to your courage level. They make you open to taking risks.

9. Improved driving: If you wanna know how cool of a rider you are? Just take a road trip. It makes you learn a lot about road rules and makes you test your own skills and pass them too. Just try to drive safe. Do not be a hero. Also, drive with safety equipment for precautionary measures.

10. Risk takers: Because road trips push your level of confidence to another floor. It makes you more comfortable in taking risks in life.

All for good reasons!!

11. Mind awakening: Biologically speaking, traveling help in calming our brain and its war hoarding thoughts. The moment that fresh air hits on your face, every other thought in that second holds still!! It’s just you and the road. When there is no space to hold negativity in your head, eventually, you are able to see things differently.

You feel awakened from a deep sleep!!

12. Changed perspective: You might have been told your whole life, the world is full of bad people. You should not trust them!! Well, road trips wipe away that image of the world.

The world is, of course, full of a variety of people, good and bad both included. But, it’s not that everybody is bad!!

Surprisingly, you will be able to find a majority of good people out there, welcoming you in their place wholeheartedly. I am talking based on experience. So before judging anyone by someone’s vague recommendations, try to see and learn on your own.

13. Lessons of life: Life on the road taught me one of the most amazing lessons of life. Our life is just like a road. Sometimes a good one. Sometimes a bad one with bumps and thumps. Sometimes a dead end. Every road leads to another road or to another turn. But, it never stops. It teaches us to keep moving because there is always a way.

If you don’t stop, you will find your way out. In the end, you always do!!


14. Minimalism: Since you are capable of taking only limited stuff on a road trip, it eventually trains you to be satisfied in the least available things. Minimalism becomes new contentment.

hmmm, Well!! I am talking only about clothes. Gadgets and special equipment don’t fit in here!!!

15. Generosity: One of the final most lessons I learned on roads is to be more generous. Because life on a road is anything but easy. It exposes you to all the good and bad sides of your country. Well, in India, I learned to see the tough life of people in villages. They do not have a hi-fi life like any of us living in big cities. Yet, have happiness and kindness in their hearts. They do not complain about not having things in life. They are indeed thankful for having whatever is available. They even find happiness in nothingness.

They are always generous!!! And it taught me a little bit of the same.

These are my recommended reasons to take a road trip, however, there is much more to add through your own experience. So, my dear friends, without further ado, take a short break from your busy schedule and plan that long-awaited road trip from your bucket list. Because if not now then, when?

PS: Share your stories about what did you learn from your trips. If anyone is planning to take a road trip to India and looking for guidance, drop me a text. Or if you want me to make a blog about it, I can do that too. Now onwards, there will be a blog every week, maybe more than one. Stay tuned!! Do not forget to subscribe!!

I would especially recommend all the ladies out there to go on road trips.

You should do it!!

Take short trips for starters. And you will know yourself, why you should take a road trip!!!

Happy Reading!!! Happy Riding!!!



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