What is Women Empowerment?

Women empowerment is a very diverse topic in its way. Everybody has their own definition, where some express it with dominance, some cover it with aggression, some with rageful rallies, while others with just any suitable means. Well, for me women empowerment is very different. I believe, it is an expression to contemplate women as for how empowered they are, how strong they are, and the potential they hold inside.

Empowerment is knowing your worth

There are no doubts about how much strength a female has inside her, she can carry a tiny human being in her body for 9 months, squeezes a 13-ounce baby from her vagina, bleeds 7 days a month for more than half of her life, sacrifices her life for others, and much more. So, women empowerment is about informing all those women out there who still think they are any less than there male counterparts. My darlings, there is not even a comparison of your life with any man. You do not even have to think about being equal.

Break the barriers

Besides God, anyone who holds the potential to bring a life into this world is only and only a woman (female) and they need no comparisons with others. The concept of empowerment is to make people understand it is our human responsibility to pay attention towards society and help uplift those who cannot rise on their own; to help those who need it the most. It is about sacrifice. It is about making someone happy. It is about being happy about someone’s happiness. Since there is no better example than women to explain the concept of empowerment, that is why it is called women empowerment.

Because they are the ones who learn to let go of their child from their body so it can thrive; they allow its detachment from her body by cutting the umbilical cord so it can breathe on its own; they leave their parents home to makes others home alive; they ignore their pain to make others smile. They do everything that gives others life a meaning.

I am not saying all these big things because I am anti-men; I am saying all of it because I am a woman. And I feel empowered today because of another woman in the form of my mother, grandmother, aunt, friend, and a sister.

A woman empowers a woman. They together empower a society. And anyone who sees it the other way needs to relearn their concepts of women empowerment. Because, it by any chance has nothing to do with gender discrimination. It is purely a concept of uplifting society.

There is a quote by Brigham Young

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”

Similar is a concept of empowerment

“You empower a man; you empower a man. You empower a woman; you empower a generation.”  

An empowered woman empowers the entire society

Help empower women so one day they can empower an entire nation. Our society needs empowered women. We all need empowered women to make this world a better place.



11 thoughts on “What is Women Empowerment?”

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