Shikha's Journal

“Night Sky”

I know it’s been a while since I shared something on contemplation. I kind of got MIA right after my last post where I planned to raise women empowerment through this platform. Well, I have been pretty much occupied with things, so just couldn’t make to come here and share my work. Anyways, after a long break of three months, I felt like bringing something back for all you guys. Poetry which I hope transcends the message in a way to everyone who has been a very faithful part of contemplation, also the ones who will be joining us in the coming future. So without further ado, let’s begin the story…


I sat by my window in my new place

Staring at the disconcerting clouds 

Changing their shapes

From ghostly images to 

Beautiful landscapes, 

Switching places to adjusting frames.

I watched the trees waving at me from a distant shadow of light. 

As if asking me how are you?

I waved back, replied I am good; and smiled.

When a tear rolled down my cheeks, 

My friends afar could see.

So, they asked me again

How are you?

This time I couldn’t lie

And outburst a cry.

Then I replied…

I am alive

But not living;

I smile 

But not happy;

I am breathing 

But feel suffocated all the time…

It is depressing to see how alluring the weather is outside, 

How strong the wind is blowing all night;

Yet, I am sitting inside a locked cage, 

Trying to see through a blurred image

Dreaming how it would feel if I was out there

in real?

And they replied back….

It is all a web of perceptions my dear

Some find this outside scene pleasing  

while others are frightened,



And much more.

Life is beautiful every day in every way.

Still, we are always looking towards at other’s doors.

Then they told me the most comforting words of life…

If you wanna live and be happy again?

Try to make peace with your past,

love your present,

and work hard to build your future;

So, one day you don’t have to look at their home 

Through your tiny room’s window

envying their life in your brain’s hoarding storm,

Or stare at me, wishing what if,

you could be out there in the big free sky?

You are born free.

You can dream free.

You can live free.

Just let go of all the worries and negative thoughts, that 

you are holding in your mind;

let go of the things, that

are keeping you from living your life.

Let it all go.

Now, close your eyes,

Breath in tight,

and say it out loud…



And, you will be free.


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