Shikha's Journal

“Thoughts for her”

She might seem alone, but she is always accompanied by her thoughts



Thoughts that lasted when nobody was around

Thoughts that helped her get over an unhappy mood

Thoughts that taught her, she doesn’t need people to subdue loneliness

Thoughts that kept her occupied and full without making it a mess.

Thoughts that helped her decide who leaves or stays

Thoughts that made life easier and personified  in its way

Thoughts that discerned between real and fake

Thoughts that glorified her mind identifying whats at the stake.

Thoughts that differentiated between self-respect and ego

Thoughts that clarified maturity is forgiving and letting go

Thoughts that provoked her human brain with ideas, creativity, focus, and strength

Thoughts that evoked her imagination to a different level and extent.

These are the thoughts,

a companion that she could never find in any friend.


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