Shikha's Journal

“Darling, I read Psychology for fun!”

I often meet people who are failing to digest the fact that:

I am smart


My young mouth can talk Wisdom 

I don’t know which one of it hurts the egocentric people more.

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Well, I am not boasting about me. But, I worked very hard to be who I am today. And if I have the potential to present my opinion in front of those who are 3 times my age, is because I have the courage to threaten their ego with my bitterly honest words. I do not like to be a part of or jump into an elderly conversation related to any shit. That is not my true self.

However, there are certain people, who create inevitable circumstances where I just cannot stay quiet; it is beyond my ethics to stand the wrong thing happen. My entire life is about observing people, studying their behavior, their intentions, and their mental level.  I am a Scientist and a Writer not by chance, but because I chose to be it.

I have an eye for the critical evaluation of human behaviors. And don’t question my analysis because

Darling, I read psychology for fun!

And you will be surprised to see what I am capable of doing when I put my heart and soul into something. So, do yourself a favor and do not try my patience. Even my hate has a passion, and trust me when I say you don’t wanna mess with me. Because once I started a war against you, I will not stop until you rest in peace.

As our society is full of egocentric people with a hollow mind and no spine. They often tend to discourage younger people when they are trying to communicate. Most of the egoistic people are unable to accept the words of young minds and absolutely incapable of understanding their point of view.

Well, I am responsible for what I say, not for what you interpret of that information.

Also, I do not use any word which I do not intend to speak. So if you are hurt, I am sorry but, I am unapologetic about what I speak. If, anyone gotta problem with that, deal with it. I have and will always stand for those who cannot speak for themselves and for people I love and care.

And anyone who questions who am I to speak. Well, hear me carefully:

I am somebody, you wish you could be

And, I am somebody, that you can never be

Because I don’t judge people for their wisdom based on their age.

I am Shikha Chandel

And, try to remember my name before you put a toe in your mouth. Because I am pretty good at winning debates and arguments, especially when I am fighting for the right thing.



3 thoughts on ““Darling, I read Psychology for fun!””

  1. I agree with you that age shouldn’t be the ultimate measure of wisdom. Though experiences do bring wisdom, only the naturally wise ones learn from them. Even a young kid who contemplates and observes more can be wiser than an old man caught up in conventional and mediocre thoughts.
    Keep up the spirit!

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