Once you are on a battlefield you cannot Quit. You become UNSTOPPABLE, and so was she.



Once upon a time,

Many many years ago,

a little girl was born

in a tiny remote village.

She was beautiful,

she was kind,

she was full of joy and

the apple of everyone’s eye.

But, one day, something

out of the blue happened.

The universe turned its magic wand, spread the spell and

Transposed her life, forever.

Unlike her name, Misty was a clear-headed and a visionary.

When no one ever saw what’s coming in her way,

She dreamt about it every single night and day.

She knew she is different, so she wanted to be different.

She wanted to fly, she wanted to aim high.

She wanted to grow aloft boundaries,

see beyond the walls,

a step above the bricks and stones

And find a home under the stars.

She knew she can do it

she knew she will do it

It was meant for her

It was her prophecy to break the taboos and find a life afar the trend.

So, when she dared to stand against all the odds,

everyone who loved her then,

turned against right after the moment

she learned:

to speak

to write

to be strong

to have an opinion

And to fight for what it is worth. But,

“Once you are on a battlefield you cannot quit. You become unstoppable and so was she.” 


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