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What is Depression? How it Feels? Know my side of the story!


Depression is one of the most common psychological conditions being seen among people of every age.

Some are clinically depressed while others are philosophically depressed. However, they all share similar kind of feelings and emotional imbalance. In context to such situations, I have written something for all those who have felt a tiny bit of something like this once in their life.

“my side of the story”

Clinical Depression philosophical depression
My side of story

I Feel dark inside

Even in a room full of light.

Sometimes a sudden spark

During the darkest hour of the night

And, then it’s all black and white,


I feel I am locked,

In my own body

In my own brain.

I look at myself in the mirror

and I feel like a stranger.

I am Trying to find answers

Why am I  so

Unrelated to my own soul?

What could have pushed me through

To feel incomplete?

I cannot hear a sound In a crowded place

But, I feel the noise in a silent empty street.

I walk on a road

But, I can’t feel my feet.

I am struggling to have an understanding of

What has happened to me?

Because I recall, I wasn’t feeling the same

A few years ago.

Now, I have already started blurring about

Who I use to be

With no further desire to know.

I am growing old and sick

I am getting tired of

every passing day.

and I wish to just stop.

Stop feeling

like a Black and white story

With dark and twisty words.

I wish I could write it better,

showcased with colored vignette,

Bright and contrasting lights

a beautiful cover page

Filling the empty dark sides.

Something not sad and gloomy

A character, not dull or depressed

a tale which makes a history

Expressing my side of the story in a little different way.

P.S: Take help, talk to somebody, but do not ignore psychological illness. Reach out to somebody before it gets worse. Because you don’t have to be alone, you don’t have to deal with it alone. You deserve better!

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9 thoughts on “What is Depression? How it Feels? Know my side of the story!”

      1. No problem. I hope you are inspired by my stories. I almost committed suicide 3 times in 2009 but thank God for renewing my mind and giving me the desire to want to live. My pastor preached at church about how he suffers from depression. It’s crazy depression is real.


      2. I can uderstand how it feels. I am glad you are better now. Life is beautiful my friend, do not let mosnters like depression take over it. Do not ever let negative thoughts destroy your inner strength. Be brave and fight back. And take help when needed. We all are human beings and and we all do suffer in life in many ways. We all do seek help. So don’t be shy to reach out to your people. And if you ever need to talk, Count me in. Good lcuk Buddy!

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  1. I know it’s hard to share stories like this, especially when topics like this are considered taboo in society. Thank you for being brave enough to share! It really does resonate with me, and I just wanted to thank for for being brave enough to share your story and create awareness about this! ❤

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    1. Thank you for your support and appreciation. I am glad you could find some pieces to resonate with.
      yes, its very true that society is living under shadows and taboos when it comes to metal helath. and they do not even want to address if anything is wrong. people do not even want to accept and there are many who are living in distress and fear. I hope this story can reach to many more so they can find something to be brave and fight back to live again. for me its past. but there are many who are still suffering and i hope i could do something good to help people like that.
      and i would like to thank you for visiting my page. I look forwrad to have you more often on contemplation.
      Best Wishes!

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