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“Aging-The Plight of Abandoned Parents”

Don’t leave them alone on empty streets when they are old.

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The older they get, the more loving they become. Don’t ignore them, don’t leave them alone on the streets just because they are old.

A story of the homeless people on streets, who feel miserable because the seventh stage of life happened to them.

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For long years I have been there and then gone

Nobody heard my voice when everything turned wrong

I was once young and thrilled like the most of you

Now I am old and there are things I can’t do.

I have no job, no food, no home

I tried, but I was never helped

And the saddest part,

When I looked upon to my family

with my old wrinkled eyes full of hopes

they also back stepped.

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Aging is natural

So, eventually, I will be slow, weak, and fragile

If there was something I could do, I would

But, there isn’t anything I can to stop getting old

There is nobody around to look after me and to hold.

I have seen the deterioration of my strength

Sleepless nights on hard bench shrinking to my length

I have felt the pain of loss,

Drooling jaws

And the kind of person I once was.

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So, if anyone asks me today what I want in my life

I would say, to regain everything and all

That is forgone with my aching bones and shedding hair.

Because life used to be beautiful once, now it all seems so unfair.


12 thoughts on ““Aging-The Plight of Abandoned Parents””

  1. We are on the same track: I have just written 9 poems found within the self told tales of local homeless people. And I have also launched an Older Bloggers Survey which I would love you and your readers to do— over 45 is good!


    1. Thank you Rachel. Although i haven’t been active on my blog lately, still I will take the survey and also let my readers know about the same. Its good to have you on my list. Stay connected. Have a good day!

      Liked by 1 person

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