Don’t leave them alone on empty streets when they are old.

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A story of the homeless people on streets, who feel miserable because the seventh stage of life happened to them.

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For long years I have been there and then gone

Nobody heard my voice when everything turned wrong

I was once young and thrilled like the most of you

Now I am old and there are things I can’t do.

I have no job, no food, no home

I tried, but I was never helped

And the saddest part,

When I looked upon to my family

with my old wrinkled eyes full of hopes

they also back stepped.

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Ageing is natural

So, eventually, I will be slow, weak, and fragile

If there was something I could do, I would

But, there isn’t anything I can to stop getting old

There is nobody around to look after me and to hold.

I have seen deterioration of my strength

Sleepless nights on hard bench shrinking to my length

I have felt the pain of loss,

Drooling jaws

And the kind of person I once was.

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So, if anyone asks me today what I want in my life

I would say, to regain everything and all

That is forgone with my aching bones and shedding hair.

Because life used to be beautiful once, now it all seems so unfair.



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