“Tomboy-an imperfect girl in this perfect world”

If anyone breaks your heart again telling you are a boy, you better break their face proving them right.


Let the story speak for itself…


and here it is …….


Mom: Tom, why are you not eating your food?

Tom: I don’t want to.

Mom: It’s your favorite, pasta.

Tom: There is no favorite left in this world anymore.

Mom: And since when you started taking philosophy classes?

Tom: It’s the pain mom, which makes me talk philosophically.

Mom: Gosh! How many times did I tell you to watch your feet? See you got your amygdala hurt stumbling on a pole or God knows what.

Tom: Stop being funny. It’s my heart that hurts.

Mom: What! Now, are you getting a heart attack too?

Dude! You watch too much drama.

Tom: Mom

Mom: [from the kitchen] yes

Tom: Can you be a little serious for a min? Because I am having trouble dealing with my heartbreak, and I can’t handle your nerd comedy.

Mom: [angry look] you watch your mouth talking to me kid. And I am sorry I forgot, how old are you?

Tom: [muttered] 16

Mom: yeah! 16. And 16 years old don’t get heartbreaks. They come home with broken bones.

I would rather accept my little kid having a heart attack over a heartbreak.

Tom:  [sarcasm] but you said I am different so, I had heartbreak over a broken bone.

Mom: and by that, I meant you don’t come home crying over breakups. You would instead break a tooth or a two if somebody tries to mess with you.

Tom: [started crying….sobs]….they said I look like a boy. I am not a girl. [cries]…. everybody in school laughs at me… [more cries]…

Mom: [sigh] honey, you know they are jealous of you.

They are not like you. You’re different and you are special. You are my [“tomboy”] daughter “Tom” because you are beautiful as a girl and a strong like a guy, and brain that works better than either of a girl or a guy. And you know you don’t have to change yourself to be liked by people. You like being the way you are, more comfortable, cooler, more you, more natural and if somebody gotta have trouble with it, let it be their business unless it affects you. I know you are beautiful, you know you are beautiful, inside out with a beautiful soul, and that is what makes you different, not the type of clothes you wear, not the way you walk or talk or the way your looks appear. And remember, there is no soul born to belittle the self- esteem of my daughter.

If anyone breaks your heart again telling you are a boy, you better break their face proving them right.

Tom: [with a smile] hugged her mother.

[laughter, hugs, happiness, love]

[Ever since this incidence, Tom never had a heartbreak, because she never let anyone crush her self-esteem. She still continues to live her lifestyle of a tomboy happily and comfortably. Tom is now a kickboxer, and no guy wants to make fun of her or mess with her, indeed they wanna be friends with her].



         [The End]


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