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“_M_A_R_D_ ~Most Anti-human Radical Douche”

“Most Anti-human Radical Douche”

Yesterday, I was sitting in a chit-chat session with my brother about something I forgot, kind of general talk, in which he mentioned me a thing related to a word “MARD” telling it’s something I am incapable of understanding as I am not a “MARD.” When I asked how does it make a difference to me being any better or less as a human, to which he responded it does. But, you cannot understand unless you are a “MARD.”


Well, this isn’t about my brother here but about the particular “word”  “MARD” itself.

I have been testifying to hear from almost every guy symbolizing as their “pride” or I better use “narcissism” supporting the big fat male egoism. And since the “word”  has been bugging me for quite a long time, I decided to describe the details of what I have understood so far of my encounters with the guys I have read, known or heard.

So, when the things I don’t like to be knocked down in discussions I always prefer to write and spread, to give it a strong voice.

Please take notice, this is not a post about entire male community, but if you are feeling targeted and offended, surely this is a post about you as you are representing the abbreviation described below.

“MARD” stands for…

“Most Anti-human Radical Douche”

Don’t go “purple”, I am just getting started.

So here to begin with, first, what makes you feel so special about being “MARD”? Your incapability of producing, carrying and raising a child, multitasking, being empathetic, being super-fast, being able to work not just 9-5 but round the clock on your toes, being organized, being respectful to youngers/ elders/ subordinates/ counter partners, being able to enjoy sex, being able to love wholeheartedly/being able to sacrifice.


It’s just a “dick hanging around two balls” that makes you feel so proud of yourself.

Is this how you define your “masculinity” under your status quo of “MARDARNGI” and supporting that “Amitabh Bachan’s 1985 movie” with that famous dialogue “Mard ko Kabhi Dard Nahi Hotaa” as your life slogan? Is it a reason you get bugged seeing other male buddies supporting feminism? And you tag them “homos” or other belittling names that you have been calling to your counter species.

 And, I am still waiting for the answers that make you feel so thrilled.

Is it a reason that you are the only species capable of raping, mocking, disrespecting, committing heinous crimes, overpowering feminism and taking advantage of your big body structures and still supporting Farhan Akhtar’s campaign calling “Men Against Rape and Discrimination”, that overjoy you?


Your super small mindset with overfilled ego and a dick with overflowing sperms always ready to get blown on something called “the hole”, why don’t you try to blow off yourself in “the black holes”? Would be saving much of people getting targeted and victimized and will be bliss on mankind too.

You are so incapable, still so proud; and so insecure that even you have outnumbered us in the population; yet, you need tags to represent yourself as a superclass human. It makes me thankfully happy and glad for not being born with a dick and I am so proud of it.

But, you must consider it a gift of nature if you are winning in numbers, and only numbers, to give you a feel of equality, so, you don’t think of getting wasted like your tiny sperms, while, battling to fuse with the large female eggs. Always remember we are the ones who created you, nurtured you, cared for you and brought you to the world. And, if we are capable of producing you, we are capable of destroying you as well. A creator has always been superior.

And, there is really nothing so special about being “MARD.” So, try being a human, a good human, would be a better thing to be proud. Try describing your status quo with humanity, instead of mere words filled with ego, capable of destroying the sentiments and beliefs of co-existing humans; because “being human” is what that makes us all together as a society and as a strong and intelligent species. Respect your uniqueness and don’t let it get driven by self-directing, conflicting thoughts, and mindsets.


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