After having a bad morning and a damn busy day, totally tired and dead in my head, I did not realise when did I hit the bed. And I jumped into the alien world, being its princess. I had not even started to enjoy my new role and the other aliens bumped in, demanding a territorial war.

WTF, where am I, in America, beside Donald Trump, watching entire community protesting against him. And I am wondering where is Obama, why is he been overtaken, wasn’t he suppose to serve another term, why did Hillary had to lose, why did she even had to run into elections, where is Michelle now, and why can’t she be the new president, Obama stays in the white house again, and then let Malia or Sasha take the other coming years and be the part of white house forever.

At least I will be saved from the scientific experiments being implemented on me everyday every night. Wait, why do they even have to do experiments on me, they think I am terrorist. Oh, is it that I am in a wrong planet, what the hell, where are my people, when did I come to this place. All I remembered is, I was having a territorial war at my planet with other aliens and I was fighting hard to win.

oops!  I felt a bump on my head, I feel dizzy, where am I, did I win . Oh! wait, what are you doing, don’t, stop please. And I saw, some white heads with white coats through my semi dozed eyes, unconsciously I overheard, they are on the success of their experiment witnessing the alien component in my DNA which makes me a being, but not human, yet a being, from outer space.

They clicked a big picture of my face, tagged it ALIEN, and about to go for a press release but, I hear they are planning a protest march now.

Again, what is happening, why I am in a cage, why I am here. Oh, don’t worry, you are safe for another few years. These scientist have finally decided to stand a protest and go on streets, though not today, but earth day is not so far, and they have big work to do. They don’t have time to play with you anymore, you can take a deep breath and thank the new president, that he consider human beings from other countries more dangerous than aliens. I slept in peace that night, wondering what is earth day, well whatever it is, if it saves my life, must be a good thing. Happy earth day earthens!

Hey, hold on, where are you taking me. What, president wants to eat me in dinner tonight. And, again, I am screwed, and again why am I on earth. I don’t like this place, everybody  is human and still fighting. Not just earth, they are heading towards mars too. Oh, no, that is not happening right. No. Ah, what a relief. No, it is happening. Arrrg! these humans, but how did I came here, and more of now, why, why only this place, why not anything better, why not Jupiter, why earth.

I wish I could go back home, back to Pluto, at least I was safe there, especially from these humans, I know they excluded my planet from their solar system and that save all  the Plutonians from their experimental studies on our lives…..

And I had the most interestingly horrible nightmare of my  two past half decade of life. No, I just made it up.

It almost took me a minute to realise, I am home, and it’s not Pluto, so sad. Anyways I am safe and sound, lying on my bed and thinking, I didn’t write any story today.

No, not really. I was thinking I am at so much of peace. While world is dealing with huge global shit everyday I feel so blessed being home, though I miss being on Pluto now, still happy, with a thought, no matter what place you go in the world, there is no country better than your own, besides, it shouldn’t be running a war.


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