” 3 tip booster for an entire week”

If by chance you had a bad start of your day, here are few tips I am going to share with you guys. All you need to do is just follow the three step process and you are sorted for all day, everyday.

Tip 1:

If you use your laptops, cell phone or tablets 20 hours in a day, you gotta make this (image below) as your wallpaper. And every time you look at it, you will always have a smile on your face.


 It really works 🙂

Tip 2:

Like me if you are a coffee freak and a book lover, you would always find reasons to feel low. So you can have some extra coffee and extra reading to make your day super exciting.


It keeps you happy in your head. Its hormones you know, right 😛

Tip 3:

If above mentioned tips somehow fails to make your cranky day happy, just find a friend who can write you this (content below). And you will never have a reason to be sad ever, ever again.

“Me here , lying wasted in bed and waiting for your text ,
I feel happy for the time I have been with you but then I think what’s next.

We say ourselves connected with a special bond,
Two different minds but travel fond.
Haven’t been into many trips or any travel
Planning a lot but executing few as life here is such ravel.

The way I look from here,
I will be there sometime with you ,Close, Real and True
As life throws shit with time but we will make through

Looking for each others fears,
Spend a lot of time to give them a hear.
Acting on our plans , the big dreams ,
Not just in words but will hit this hard
and let the achievement scream.

With this closure note of focus,
I say welcome to the life without any Hocus Pocus.

Have a happy week guys. 🙂


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