“Marriage is a choice not a compulsion”

Marriage is a choice, not an obligation!

Once you turn twenty-five, the matter much and the most, as a rule, discussed topic about you and your life (either in your family or your relatives, in worst case scenario your friends too) is “MARRIAGE”.  The already stated age and word are jibed as a witch magic impromptu and you realize everybody in the world has left their jobs adopting a new, daily course, of doing nothing but interrogating about you and your living. And their exploration doesn’t engross whether you are dead or alive, happy or unhappy, struggling or juggling, all the hordes’ (including those too, who might have never met you in entire life, but surprisingly giving a guest visit now) preoccupation is to know when are you getting married.

Well, I solely believe marriage is the least important thing anyone can do in his/her life. And heretofore you have achieved everything in life, no more goals undone, and you sense so damn bored that wanna try a new thing, probably you should think of marriage, but don’t take it as seriously as an obsession because it’s just another event. And I stand in support of my words as defensively, I am capable of killing or dying (mostly it would kill) if anyone dared to piss me off with their unwanted intelligence on an article I am rarely interested to talk.

The objective of writing this entire story is distinctively not for me but someone very close I know and how much it disturbed their life due to parental (and to your parents its society) pressure they are bearing for some nuisance cause.

“Don’t let society decide when your kids should marry”

I genuinely wanna convey to those parents (Indian Parents) at this moment, we have been already a victim of bad parenting, you might have failed to notice as of your reasons for absolutely busy schedules of life, working too hard providing lock stock and barrel that you forgot to give the most important thing we needed i.e. “your time”. But your struggles took over for another 2-3 decades and we learned to grow up all alone without you, well we managed. And certainly today we are standing exactly at the same point you were years back and I am wondering why you still want to drag us into the same “Dead Sea” you surged. You previously stipulated a very good example of “bad marriage” that might be a reason we do not even want to “think of marriage” before settling in our careers and achieving the goals. If, it is too much to expect from a parent to understand that we as your little ones need your patience, understanding, and faith in us? We are grownups, can take big decisions of our lives individually. We would be delighted to have you like to support in everything we work, we don’t want to worry you or be a burden on you and we need our time in our life and we do not seek any family pressure and especially do not welcome any societal concerns.

The utmost gist of mentioning all above is, when we come home once in a year we don’t appreciate our folks to talk about society and its shit forbearing and thinking, we want our parents to talk, like a talk, talk about their life, about our lives, to cover up that lost time of ages and put forth a step to mend the bond more strong on the base of convictions and compassion. We don’t want to run away from you, we don’t want to ignore you, we don’t like it and neither we want you to post some tragedy and traumatizing status and pictures on social media that your kids don’t call don’t come home. At present of life the only thing any kid would expect, when they get a call from you, they want to be happy and let their entire day’s worry vanish in the air by looking at that one thing on the cell phone “home calling”. We don’t want to feel stressed talking to you, we are already suffering a lot, please do not add more to it. We need our family as a support in the most crucial years of our life.

 So it’s a request to all the parents, let your kids have their own time to decide their life-changing decisions. Just stand by their side and make them not feel alone and stop asking when you are getting married because

marriage is a choice, not an obligation.


4 thoughts on ““Marriage is a choice not a compulsion””

  1. O my dear you have made me speech less. I am always with you. I have always time for you. I know your views your feelings but you know like other duties this is also a duty of parents. I liability of parents rather wish of parents to see their children happy and growing in their lives and well settled .

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  2. Thank you for the follow on my blog and I want you to know your advice to parents holds true in the USA as well. Sometimes we can get so caught up in our own lives we don’t listen enough. We don’t have much pressure to marry, though. I know I didn’t and didn’t pressure my kids.

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    1. Thank you very much Lois. I am glad you liked my post. And the scenarios mostly gets along all over the world not just in India or USA. Busy life is almost in every corner. The point is how well we can manage ourselves to avoid into hassles like this and maintain a good and positive environment around the home premises. And of course it requires the efforts from both parents and children. 😀

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