“Passion! All over again”


I had it into my vein, right to the heart,

And now it’s flowing in my blood stream, 

All over again

 A passion! To start a new way,

Of learning something, 

Every day

To travel the world,

From small streets,

To long roads

 Going Into the woods,

At late nights,

Wandering the parks,

Or pondering my shadow,

Under yellow lights,

Laying on the green grass,

Playing on my music list, that regular jazz

 A passion to be alive,

Like living a true life,

Watching a kid to its loudest smile,

Saying good nights to

That lady, turning old and senile

 Watch the birds flying back to home,

Sitting on a beach, counting the waves,

Getting high,

To the moon light,

Wait till the wee hours,

And witness the first sun rise.

 A passion to be a vagrant,

With a brave heart,

Compassion in soul,

Gratitude in eyes,

To follow a journey or truthfulness,

And bury the lies

 To admire the beauty of nature,

While getting older,

Keeping the touch of roots,

Right walking in my shoe,

To Breath air like, 

That first day of being around you,

And discovering the human intensity,

Of living a passion, 

Of traveling the world,

All over again


4 thoughts on ““Passion! All over again”

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