Shikha's Journal

“The Travel Buddies”


Like you mentioned in your words: “from the same state, different thinking, and mind

but we are connected with a passion, that is one of its kind – Travelling”

Indeed, you have a point,

Travelling has always kept us connected, conjoint,

I figured out some words to describe

A little,

A thread of our linking, thin, but not brittle.

And here is the journey to foretell:

We will travel the world together,

I will go somewhere,

I know you will always be there…

As in my thoughts,

Happiness and smiles,

Mood swings and Fights,

Or roaming in flights

From cafeterias to candle lights,

Standing on dark streets,

Under the moon,

Holding you tight

My cold feet to our warm night,

On your left, to my right,

You are always here,

In my heart,

Keeping the fervency,

Of our bond,

What we are holding very strong.

To a certain fact to our life, our fate,

That we are meant to be,

And we will be,

Travelers of the world

Either, closed fingers through our hands,

Or taking walks from different stands,

But, together and forever,

Like Biggie and Kiddo,

The best partners ever :*

And here ends the story.

When I can’t reach you, my words do,

Traveling electronic mile(s),

Just to wish you a very very happy birthday,

And, make you smile  (Kiddo).


3 thoughts on ““The Travel Buddies””

  1. Firstly thank you dear for this lively post . I am privileged to be with you else I know how badass you are 😋😋.. kidding 😇.

    This is perfect relationship that we share … A little pinch of wilderness ,a tea spoon of love, full mug of understanding , a bucket of places , a full rack of memories and stories …

    Travelling have helped many and will keep us in motion to usderstand one another and this life too. I am glad that we connect and share such lovely bond which is sexy and sound.

    Thanks again for your wishes on my day. Cheers love.

    Liked by 1 person

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