Shikha's Journal

“Tree! Ever again”


I will stand strong and sound,

Also in loud thunders of darkest clouds,

Providing you shades, shelters, and food

Even if I am old,

I will still be giving,

Shedding myself into dry wood,

Burn me to keep you warm,

And cozy in winters.

I might be used as your home decor,

Or a cupboard,

In your bedroom furniture,

Or I get carved into an instrument,

Playing your favorite music,

And, I will die, to make new things rise.

But, I will always be there,

Showering and serving,

Nature and mankind,

Watching you happy,

Growing, living, loving,

Laughing carefree,

This is how I want to live again,

How I want to be…

I was born a tree,

And I would always be…

A Tree! Ever again


2 thoughts on ““Tree! Ever again””

  1. Beautiful… You just demonstrated the wondering tree… No one could ever simplify the life of a tree as you did! Enchanting poetry….
    Super like!! Everyday your phrases and writings shaping up into new colours of life….
    Thanks for being so colourful and giving life to your emotions….. 😊✌🤗
    Lord bless!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Digvijay for praising these words. Actually they are inspired by someone’s work. I was scrolling through somebody’s blog and found a picture of a tree where the person wished to be a tree. And i thought of writing something for a tree describing their life and journey. After all they are always standing for us for all our hard times, protecting us, they even die.


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