Every day I browse internet, at least 1 in every 10 posts uploaded, talks about equality. Mostly, I have been reading about the [“equality”] thoughts of people just promoting feminism. Well, I would like to ask, since when the motto of equality succeeded the propaganda of equal rights and became a misleading thought of overpowering feminism?

Yes, I dislike the idea of chauvinism as equivalent I restrain the point of walking naked on streets, misdirecting the real facts of equal right, to some self promoting acts under the big banners of “feminism” and “women empowerment”. I considerately feel sorry for all those kinds, who still are letting their minds drawn away by the misconceptions and unrealistic verities.

So, I appropriately felt a responsibility of penning down a thought on equality, apparently, which must be shared with people.

Equality is not about separating genders,

It’s about uniting them,

In a poised manner,

And present it like an asset to society.

Equality is, not promoting feminism only,

Not to talk about one sex alone,

Rather bring it all for every human,

And speak about their rights

To live,

To love,

To have everything 

They wish for.

Equality is,

Not being biased,

But, to think straight,

Out of the box,

For every individual born,

To enjoy their freedom.

Equality is,

To get over animosity,

To bring equanimity,

To have a maintained peace and harmony.

Equality is to share

Equal rank,




For everyone,

Without a discrimination of gender, color, country, religion, 

And to have no fights.

Equality is to stay,

Stand, hold,

And work,


For world peace.

Equality is to represent the state of your mind,

That you feel for every kind,

And respect,

And regard,

For everything you get,

And rewarded for,

And to feel proud for, 

Being human,

The best creation of God.


©2018. Contemplation is an effort to promote Equality and Empowerment. Contribute your generosity to help us grow.

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