“Mind your tongue”


If someone thinks you are an idiot, better to stay silent than talk and prove it.

I am writing this article for some kind of people who never give a mind to their words and just blab like a an infant putting their toe in their mouth. No I am not talking about Sonam Kapoor, neither Rahul Gandhi nor any nerd politician. Generalising it about people who focuses only on uttering the words without giving it a brain. And this kind of shit happens most in families and group of friends, because you never have to think before you speak. At times you also meet such useless mouths in your workplace as well. I swear I feel like giving a fist to that person’s face who so ever has made this non sense stuff to promote less usage of brain and more of you facial muscle. Because I am a kind of person who believes words are the treseaure of life, makes you smart, intelligent, wise, respected and personalitied. So do a favor on people and yourself by staying silent letting them being at peace and buy you some respect or start thinking before you speak and speak what you can stand for. Don’t just let the insiders and outsiders or anybody else know what a goof you are. Everybody might not be born smart but everybody can learn to act smart by a simple way of just… ” mind your toungue”.


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