“A sinking titanic”


Every beginning has an end, so does love stories and here is my thought about how I feel and a reason why I hate… love stories.

Talking to each other

With endless words and moments,

Sharing and caring

Even the distance and differences,

Of being casted oddly together

Went on planning a bond forever…

Never noticing the time on watch

Kept passing for a long walk,

Happy memories

And living stress free…

First time in years things were ever at peace,

Wow! What a relief,

hard to believe that  I am living

And hell yeah, I am loving

But, of course it can not last forever,

Happiness comes with an expiry,

I should have known,

Not believing in fairyland and its story.

It gets fade and so did happened,

As slowly things have changed.

I lost my roads

Along with missing hues,

And I couldn’t know how?

But, I looked stranger, more to me,

I missed being me,

How can I define?

I just wanted to be free.

So am I…

free to…

Feel alone, again

Stranded on a dead end, and yet again

In every step of life

When I choose to walk

When I am trying to talk

this always has to happen…

It starts so pure, organic,

and then with no pre warnings,

it just ends like a sinking titanic.

RIP: love and the damn  creepy stories.


©2018. Contemplation is an effort to promote Women Empowerment by contemplating life and lifestyles of women. Contribute your generosity to help us grow.

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