Shikha's Journal

“2016 bygones”

Last day of the year, pretty cold morning, and I am up early enjoying my hot cup of espresso. And my day is not going to start as warm as I expect unless I wish my pretty cute and beautiful readers an amazingly Gooooooooood Morning with a biiiiiig smile 😀 And my reasons to be… Continue reading “2016 bygones”

Shikha's Journal

“The last Kiss”

A tiny tale from my collection. I hope you guys like it. And they decided to lock their hearts together to that very moment and walk themselves in a different direction, to save that love they shared for times, to save those memories they had, to bury the bitterness into graves instead the feelings, they… Continue reading “The last Kiss”



It’s a story of a beautiful lady I met once, a pure and an honest soul. It’s a little part of her life which remained untold till she was alive. I believe she deserves a bit of attention for her trueness and bravery which would always put her into nothing but troubles. She deserves to… Continue reading “Pretentious”