Shikha's Journal

“A peddlers night”

Nightlife in Chandigarh- Peddlers is the best place to hang-out.

Sunday evening on my way to the hotel, a friend insisted to hang out for a while at peddlers (#chandigarh#sector35). Though I was not really in a mood, tired and a bit sad, but agreed to go. The moment I was standing at the main entrance I could hear the sound of music and the band members performing. So whosoever has said that music can heal everything must be acknowledged.. Because, here I was happy and excited to get inside. Before I could just jump in, I had to wait a bit looking up for the entry procedure.  So, while straddling outside I heard a female voice coming from the basement and it was so amazingly beautiful that turned me more enthralled to see the band. Also, the other reason I would count, that… I have never seen female singers at pubs here. So, this moment in itself was very much appreciable, and exciting curious in its own.

And suddenly, thought about an old friend hit my head, maybe it’s their band performing here. I knew his sister has recently joined the band and have heard a lot about her talented voice, which I never happened to witness … And I just hoped…. might see them tonight. So, I was totally thrilled, good to go now, sit and just enjoy the music.

Well, I have been to this place before and the crowd, especially after 9:00pm is crazily mad. Though I don’t like much of loud noise, sometimes I just love to be into a place like this and listen to the rocking music and watching people going lost into the beats and bottles (of beer) of course. 

So, the moment I went downstairs, I was flabbergasted with my strong intuition…..  right in front of me was my old crush, my dearest friend, and my most favorite live performer, with his 6 piece band (#TherunwayProject#). What a moment! A few minutes back I was sulking for the ending of my party holidays and a moment after I was feeling the luckiest person on earth. If I have asked for anything else, too, would have been true. That was an amazing unplanned surprise, a rocking-musical night with some very special friends. Everything at that moment was perfect…Bottle of beer, yummy nachos, favorite singer and an amazing place. What on heavens I could wish for to have at that moment to make it more perfect. Well, there is something I could wish for… My sweetheart, whom I just bid a home going goodbye. He deserved to be here in that moment, he is an avid music lover just like I am an avid book lover. His presence would have made it beyond perfect.  Well, he wasn’t around so I had no choice but to miss him at every beat of the music with every sip of beer. Anyways, I am not here today to describe my love story but something else which made me feel like writing about this place.

Before I proceed ahead, I must mention, the female voice in this band was mesmerizingly talented. I have known rest of the band members for years and have seen their amazing work, but this girl is something beyond incredible. She sings in a band of 6, all guys, who already are more experienced, but when she takes her role, she makes it count and all you want to do at that moment is… just sit by her side, let her play that pretty acoustic and sing her style (#yougogirl). She was “the star of the night”.

Now comes the point of sharing this piece with you all. Yeah, a reason that my favorite singer  (#hottie#leadsinger#therunwayproject#vikas) was holding the stage, yet, there was a bigger reason to write… “The crowd”. Usually, what we see in most of the pubs about the crowd is some youngsters, couples, friends, but there was something catchy today. I could see people in their mid-40s to 50s coming, getting drunk, enjoying the music, dancing like crazy freaks, irresistible to hit their boots on the floor. I was sitting watching everyone there nicely on their chairs, and it was just half an hour past and I was still sitting watching nobody else except me and my friend, while rest all were on the floor, embracing the music into their souls and dancing like nobody’s watching.

Honestly, they were being watched by me, being clicked by somebody I don’t know, but the fun part was, nobody seemed to bother anything apart than making amazing dance moves and poses. I could see everybody in the hall had their own signature moves which guaranteed no Prabhudeva or Remo D’suza could teach or invent. It was their creativity after beer, which also gave me a live proof of the science fact  I have read that, beer brings in the innovative and creative you. Well, It was so damn true…I had the evidence, and also this beer effect brought me into an idea of writing about this place and the ambiance, to bring it into notice among people who could explore and feel on their own, not through these words but, being here, watch it and have it live.

The place is a positive vibe, and trust me that wasn’t the beer effect at all. It was “The crowd”, from old to young, families to singles, all were having equal fun. It gave a sense of crack in the wall “the G-gap wall”. That was the main of this place. And my cherry on the cake was a late 40s guy sitting on my left, initiated the first dance on the floor with obviously of everybody’s personal favorite song I guess must be on every playlist “Mai ni meriye” (#mohit chauhan#silkroute), and nobody could resist after-words to hit it on the ground. But my sizzling brownie with ice cream coated hot chocolate topping was those “duo sisters” who just made me fall in love with them at that moment. They were so amazing on the floor, and FYI…they were almost my mum’s age. The way they were having their moment, making every eye in that crowd notice their presence while they seemed absolutely busy having fun and living their life, I couldn’t  resist but to  write and mention in literal words…..”Baba, you are beautiful Baba”. 😀


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