“Better off Alone”


Where I got compared with other,

Looked down as nothing, an option rather,

Where my existence was a question mark,

I was mocked for being dark,

Where my talent was always ignored,

And my emotions were never adored,

Where my values were kicked off in dust,

And my respect was corroded under rust,

Where being alive is suffocating,

Every day goes tiring and exhausting,

Where home meant a grave on earth,

And I was getting no worth,

I kept my believes and never stop,

Packed my bags and geared up,

To move a place somewhere unknown,

Where I can live better off alone…


©2018. This blog is about contemplating my thoughts with a non-judgmental opinion. However, if anyone feels targeted with any content, then may be a part of you fits in well. Thank you for visiting contemplation :) Happy Reading!

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