I was just little

When they abducted me

Wasn’t even a sweet sixteen

And they bargained for me,

Like a baby fish.

To serve a commune of humongous beasts,

Until I cut my eventual breath,

Or it maybe even after,

Albeit, I am dead

They will imbibe it all through my bone

As long I nurse their purpose.

What did I do, be this despairing on earth?

And what gratifying they have done, to be called humans?

To be rewarded on taking my childhood off?

Ripping my dreams apart

Wrenching and dragging me onto the streets

And throwing into their hands…

Those who could save me from it,

Conjointly delighted the feast,

And I broke down…

I served those punks for years

Utterly in pain and tears,

I could not even run

I was all shattered and they were having fun,

My cries remained unheard,

My wounds were not either soothe,

Yet, I had to work,

I had to serve

Until I take my last breathe.

I lost my apprehension,

My aspiration for a thing to be better

Had all bygone,

Only wait is crowing

To envisage for a day

When I could get away, from this curse

Untie my soul and let it immerse

To a place,

No mortal could emerge.

And watch those barbarians throttling in pain

Paying for their gluttony,

Hankering to drink,

And ticking on and on in purgatory.


©2018. Contemplation is an effort to promote Equality and Empowerment. Contribute your generosity to help us grow.

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