Shikha's Journal

“A letter to my grandparents”

Grandparents are the ones who give you love, experience, and humanity in inheritance. Love them for what they have to offer.

Dear Grandpa and Grandma

You know I have been writing a lot in my life about a lot of stuff and people and happenings but I never did anything for you. I have received many appreciations but, none can beat the blessings I ever received from you both, regardless of your understanding to either of my stuff, you both have conveyed your best of ever wishes and showering love on me always. And today, while sitting on my writing desk, I saw your picture placed on a left corner I noticed it might have been taken ages back.  You two were looking very amazing as always and very young, I kept looking to it for a while and I realized you have turned too old now.

Yes, of course, it is natural, but what unnatural is our non-realization about the efforts you both did make then and even now for all of us. And today through this writing I wanna convey an apology for not being so responsible before and a message I think I should have written a long ago, but I was ignorant and irresponsible enough to miss the importance of you.

You have been together for ages,

Lived under walls of restrictions and cages

All the suffering and pains

And you were not allowed to disdain.

No choice to make, no option to take

Be open to whatever comes your way

Opportunities with hurdles

Either to take or pass it away…

And you two did it very strongly

Jumped every obstacle together

Made your hunt, be it right or wrong

You faced it all by holding on

Working day and night

Harder and harder,

Ignoring all your bruises

I know there was no room for excuses…

Then, you spent every inch of your life

Raising your kids

And looking after grandkids

With no demands of gifts and cents

Never asked either a return for your investments

Your demands were too little

And your affection is endless

But, what we did

to deserve either of it?

We are so ignorant and busy finding fish stories

Losing our life’s best moments and glories.

Becoming too blind to see

You are losing it

Your memory, your strength

Your hopes and all of it

I know, you would never say anything

But your eyes do,

They tell a lot

They speak about the painful stories

Your wrinkles talk about the broken strength

And your weak bones say the tottered expectations….

on us,

all of us;

For not taking proper care of you

For not being grateful for your efforts

For lashing at you

For being a reason for your broken hopes

For not loving you enough

For counting in numbers

If we do a thing for you

And you still don’t hate us

But why

Maybe I know…

Because of every passing year of life

You might have lost every bright side

Might lose everything

But it does not end for all

You have gained immense wisdom

Grace of patience

Virtue to see a bright vision through a blurred eye

And an unending treasure trove of love

Is what makes you chose, to be with us

To see us rise

Being happy and wise

To teach us our legacy

And a touch of our roots

To transform us

From mere machines of no emotions,

And the only system reboots

To more alive and more humans

With love: your granddaughter

P.S: Thank you for giving us the best love story alive, with the best moments and best values.


1 thought on ““A letter to my grandparents””

  1. Reblogged this on Contemplation and commented:

    With growing age and techno life we just have somehow forgotten about looking after our grandparents, who have been playing a great role in making our childhood special and exciting. Just an expression to remind people that we should not forget the values of our loved ones with this technological age, but make it a wiser use in some sense.


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