“Way back to Home”

It’s a story of my experience a few days back when I was on a hike for my adventure trip, where I met a friend and his family and I made my stay there for a couple of days. I wasn’t a part of that place, neither that family nor the people I met, but somehow it was all conspired in a way through the universe to me like I do earn this space. Every moment, every laughter those smile, that love and affection that respect and care, every inch of it reminded me of a feeling being at home, which I have missed almost every age of my life, as I never had much of time to stay home and spend time with my family. I think this is one of the most memorable and amazing time in my memory box I am going to keep like forever. It was so beautiful that I wouldn’t mind holding on to that picture for whole and stay there as long as I can to own that undiscoverable divine peace forever. This is the best thing about mountains and living there; you can always find your lost serenity and touch of life back, feeling always rejuvenated and more enthusiastic, capable of handling every upcoming challenge with courage and beauty. That’s what hills and its people will teach you throughout.

And here goes my experience of nostalgic moments to that beautiful place where I was once and would like to go again.

Though, I wasn’t a part

But you created like I do,

On a way back to home

Where I met you,

Your family

A reintroduction of myself to me…

If, reconnoiter my experiences

There ain’t much to remembrance

About life, I could state

What a home meant to me,

Nothing more than a feeling of being alone and lonely…

Then, there at your land

I discovered my peace,

My solace

An embraced equanimity,

Entirely for the happiness of being near

Being with thee…

The renowned touch of family and clan

Raised by a beautiful lady and a handsome man,

The warmth of being around

Those feel to have,

Affectionate love that keeps you bound


Unpretentiously charming,

As there is always something

In words to speak

Sometimes a silence,

But, somebody to listen, to upkeep;

Incredible experience outside talks I had

I would feel delighted and glad,

To count this experience in my memory,

Those after past years when I will leap back in time

I would miss this touch,

A connotation of comfort for being home

And the alluring little story, if not much…

Plenty of love to save in my minutes

That I did had, a

Home once in my years,

Somewhere I felt happy

I felt like me,

A majestic experience

Love mastic sentiments,

On a way back to home

I unearthed my vanished contentment.


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