“Words of my Silence”


There ain’t a thing which makes me happy,

Ain’t a thing which makes me smile,

It’s just emotions I have made,

Sometimes last long,

Sometimes fade,

Right after a short while.

I looked up to find a move,

To get over this hovering hoof,

But I don’t know….

Which way to go, which way to start,

Either keep going or to stop,

All I know…

I need a direction to there,

Somewhere grand,

Having somebody by my side, to stand…

To feel what I feel,

To see what I see,

To have me there, when I am not,

To know I am alive,

Even in my absence,

And to hear the words of my silence.


©2018. Contemplation is an effort to promote Women Empowerment by contemplating life and lifestyles of women. Contribute your generosity to help us grow.

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