Shikha's Journal

“Dead wings of inheritance”

Mother and Daughter Tapestry

This is a sort of letter in a form of phrasal emotion from a daughter to her mother, depicting her life, upbringing, and the bond they two shared. But, how she is getting stressed with the over worries of her mother for being a grown-up girl and feeling broken and dumped by her own shadow image for the lack of the same trust they had in old days but seems lost now.

This is a thought in a form of a message for all those mothers:

“Do not let your daughters burry in the grief of being grown up and fears of being a girl. Instead, teach them the strength you gave when they were scared of putting that first toe on the ground for the fear of falling, and you became support, convincing nothing to be worried as I am here to protect you. Gift your daughters the gift of being brave and being bold in your teachings; not the demoralization of being a girl and that too a grown up and haunt them of people outside. Give them that bond of trust they had on you when they were kids. It’s your turn to keep that faith and let your little angels spread their wings to take their own tour. Don’t give those “dead wings of inheritance”. They deserve better than this, better life of freedom and respect”

Dead Wings of Inheritance

You felt so blessed to have a daughter,

Happy with anything…

The very most precious gift you could wish,

You cared, you nurtured,

Your little angel

Taught her to walk,

To talk

And fight the world,

Since she was a kid…

You taught her to behold

Things with her sight,

Taught her to stand against wrong

And up for her right.

She grew up that way

She kept walking on that trail…

She loved to be she

She loved to be loved by thee…

You were her courage,

Her world for now and every age…

She knew your smiles

For baby steps she took,

That bond you shared when she looks

Into your eyes,

That she knew,

You will be there

For her,

Every moment of life…

When she will feel shattered

You will hold her strong,

To say not now

You have a big way to go.

She grew up this way

She loved being it,

Every bit,


Suddenly you realized she is grown up,

Your fears started growing too…

Feeding them at cost of trust, you over cared.

You bounded her, so she doesn’t run,

And never dare.

Emotional torture every now and then,

It broke her somehow

Even if she never said,

She feels weak.

Not because she is afraid, like you

But for a reason,

Your fears pushed her far against you.

She never meant this to happen,

Never to exist

You taught her to fly,

When she was a kid,

Now you taking her wings back,

Because she owes you;

She owes you her life,

She will shed her wings

To see you smile.

But, you must know a thing,

She couldn’t wish to survive,

Her dreams, her hopes

Would die,

If she could, never again fly…


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