“Way back to Home”

It’s a story of my experience a few days back when I was on a hike for my adventure trip, where I met a friend and his family and I made my stay there for a couple of days. I wasn’t a part of that place, neither that family nor the people I met, but… Continue reading “Way back to Home”

Shikha's Journal

“Words of my Silence”

There ain’t a thing which makes me happy, Ain’t a thing which makes me smile, It’s just emotions I have made, Sometimes last long, Sometimes fade, Right after a short while. I looked up to find a move, To get over this hovering hoof, But I don’t know…. Which way to go, which way to… Continue reading “Words of my Silence”

Shikha's Journal

“Dead wings of inheritance”

This is a sort of letter in a form of phrasal emotion from a daughter to her mother, depicting her life, upbringing, and the bond they two shared. But, how she is getting stressed with the over worries of her mother for being a grown-up girl and feeling broken and dumped by her own shadow… Continue reading “Dead wings of inheritance”