Shikha's Journal

“Happy returns of the Day”

Happy Birthday, Love :*

Although my surprise is spoiled, there isn’t anything better I could do to express the importance of this day and its existence. I don’t know what you have been feeling and told by people every year but for me, it’s really a very special day. A special feel to have you in life, sharing and planning numerous crimes, talks, discussions and much more without looking at our clocks.

If it wasn’t the day, I would have never met a beautiful soul teaching me ecstasy of being good and the delight of appreciations. I could have never got a better critic correcting my mistakes, acknowledging my efforts, giving a push to move my lazy butt when needed, listening when I wanna talk, holding me if I ever fall, keeping me warm when I am cold, when weak, you are there to tell I am bold, being a motivation when I feel lost. You have done endless efforts to make every day a happy one for me and I literally have no idea how to revert it back in any way and how to say what you mean for me. All I have is a wish to be there with you at this very moment to say it all looking into your eyes that you are really very special, more special than these words and phrases can depict.

Like you say: as long as the technology is here, we will stay connected anywhere

Not being there, but wishing you a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY from here. #BhubneshKatwal#Thullu# :* 🙂

There ain’t many pictures

For public display,

Ain’t any video to

Pause or play,

What I have for you to gift,

Only, words of my life and all my wit.

A promise to keep,

Which I have made,

A journey of togetherness

To always persuade,

With the memories, we created and had,

Those moments we shared but never planned.

Epic stories we had to tittle-tattle,

Historic events to foretell and settle,

A long way for us to go on along,

Every step of togetherness

Is what we belong,

A thread of trust and faith we sway,

Connecting us for the love we portray.

Losing my phrases, how better to convey,

Just wanted to be there

To celebrate this day,

For the happy hours in eternity

That brought you here,

Being grateful to all those,

For bringing us close,

To express, you have been special

And you were worth waiting,

For every past year,

To wish you a very happy returns of the day,

My darling my dear


6 thoughts on ““Happy returns of the Day””

  1. Thanks a lot my dear maamuli 🙂 🙂 i loosing words to express the love and happiness i feel being with you . it might be few days only not year together but i am sure we will take this far.

    chota sa effort 🙂
    life have planned a lot for us which we haven’t thought
    something was fishy for us too and see where we were brought

    from a same state , different thinking and mind
    but we are connected with a passion, that is one of its kind – Travelling

    Lets enjoy this from now and see what we have to share in this journey of life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh man you are quite a learner… Must say good company matters haan…
      Btw stupendous efforts.. Looks like you are planning to be my competition… Ooops m so scared 😛
      Anyways always love you for your every effort you make😘😘😘I am pleased to have you a part of my life dude. And yeah! We do have a long journey to go together. Remembered i am quite a pain in ass, can’t get away of me…. 😘😘😘 you will always be blessed to have a sore thumb for life. 😎😎😎

      Liked by 1 person

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