“Traveller’s fate”

If you are born to travel, you are born to the best fate

Crossed our ways a number of times

But couldn’t make to meet our lives,

Every time, now and then

Travelling towards a different end,

Maybe, it wasn’t the time, the right time…

And we kept going, travelling,

In a direction unknowing;

Year and years were passed by

Failing to meet in every try,

With lots of smile and lots of cries

Hopes and dreams in our sparkling eyes,

And… a day dropped in our excursions pot

Let’s give it a one more shot,

Taking a walk from our ends together

In a direction, forward to one another,

And there it goes again

Where our journeys begin…


Every passing steps and steps

A sense of excitement and happiness,

Finally, reaching our station

An old but a new destination,

A little wait and a wait

Afterwards, we met right straight,

Greeting of warm gestures

And we didn’t looked strangers,

Same laughter and same smiles

We shared while sitting at distance of miles,

No awkwardness and silence

Things are better in real existence,

Though stayed departed

But, were always connected,

Via nexus of love without any date(s)

That way goes a traveller’s fate.


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