“I was just your DREAM”

“Never let your dream be a dream

Make it come alive,

Come real;

It’s not meant be ordeal,

And be surreal;

Never let it go, never let it die,

Coz dreams are your wings to fly.

This section is written for this very special friend Vikas, a very talented singer. I have been watching him always struggling through life and making sacrifices and choices, now achieving his goals and dreams. Brings in me a new hope to see life in a different way, a new inspiration and motivation, giving strengths to hold on to my dreams and never let it bury without giving a life.

I know what you have been through,

To make it fall true

Years of struggle and practice

And you had to make a choice…

This is what you had to do

Coz there wasn’t other option,

To make it work, make it go.

But, now I can see that feel in your eye,

That proud and moment,

Of achievement, an accomplishment..

You yearned for

Every now and then, you dreamt of..

Now falling at your feet,

Crawling towards, saying…

Yes I belong here.. I belong you..

“I was just your dream” and

You made it come true

So, never stop dreaming, you never know what tomorrow brings, a new hope; a new meaning.  A life we never imagined is possible but getting alive, what could be better than this; when a nexus of imagination is transforming ideas and fantasies to realities.

We all do have had invisible wings and we shouldn’t let them be wasted. At least once in this life-time we all should give them a try. Because..

“If birds wouldn’t have tried, we couldn’t have seen them roaring high, up in the sky”


©2018. Contemplation is an effort to promote Women Empowerment by contemplating life and lifestyles of women. Contribute your generosity to help us grow.

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