“Miles and miles I walked….”

A walk to Remeber

Miles and miles I walked…

Stones and pebbles, Obstacles and hurdles,

All I crossed,

Number of people I met, Fell in love

Hurt enough, But never had to regret,

Stumbled on ways,

Few cries, Many tries,

And got no praise,

And, miles and miles I walked…

Truths and lies, Daring tries,

Fears and tears, Losing my dears,

Everything I would face,

Learning and learning, Rising and burning,

With patience and grace,

Falling and growing, Wounds and blisters in my hand,

And my blood is blending with dust on the silent land,

But I kept going and going,

And, miles and miles I walked…

With the rising sun, And shooting star(s),

My brain is hoarding another world war,

And every day I will burn, A new day a new start,

With every dawn and dusk, Cleaning my own rust,

But there ain’t seems a halt, And I would never make a stop,

Pushing hard in dreary and pain,

Cold blood rushing through my vein,

A blurry vision, with a raising hope,

There lies my world, as I talked,

Far across the mountain, reaching its top,

I kept telling myself, every time I drop,

And miles and miles I walked…

And miles and miles I walked…


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