Shikha's Journal

“Merry Christmas”

Deep inside my heart I feel grieved For being homeless. Yes, I have a family, I have a home Still a homeless and I am sad... Same feel like that poor kid Who knows there is a Santa but only for rich. Yes, I feel the same... I have a family I have a house.… Continue reading “Merry Christmas”

Shikha's Journal

“Miles and miles I walked….”

Miles and miles I walked... Stones and pebbles, Obstacles and hurdles, All I crossed, Number of people I met, Fell in love Hurt enough, But never had to regret, Stumbled on ways, Few cries, Many tries, And got no praise, And, miles and miles I walked... Truths and lies, Daring tries, Fears and tears, Losing… Continue reading “Miles and miles I walked….”

Shikha's Journal

“….Like Forever”

Some feelings and memories can never die ever; reasons they live long like a love under a bubble of lies …like forever. You will live like a memory A feeling in my heart Like wisdom and a thought You will live like a shadow Holding to my hand Like the water on a sand You… Continue reading “….Like Forever”