“A teenage HeartBreak”

Well, after a long time, again putting up a sort of rhyme; about some silly teenage life and  stuff, most of you can relate of. And here it goes like:


My first ever crush and best friend,

Spurned me just like a changing trend.

Giving a fake reason,

Moved on another way,

What I could do, miss and,

Cry all night or a day.

Still remembered, you were going,

Felt like I was dying.

Absolutely stun,

Tell me, playing with my heart

Was a great fun?

You could not even see a single drop of tear,

Alright, I got it.

I am no more your dear.

How dramatic but,

My whole life was getting snatched,

Shedding like a leaf of tree

Never wanted to detach

Deep in pain I felt,

Totally iced and then melt.

So painful, depressing it was,

But I can have another chance.

Its’ just a first heartbreak,

C’mon don’t give up girl

Life is too little to be taken forsake.


©2018. Contemplation is an effort to promote Women Empowerment by contemplating life and lifestyles of women. Contribute your generosity to help us grow.

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