“Women’s cry”


Cruelty, ruling its worse, our land merging into curse.

Its’  my nation, My country, my India      

As I see

No respect for women,

Still, people call themselves human.

Girls, being tortured, raped every day,

Everyone’s seems Celebrating, lives their way.

No one bothering all around, Darn bullshit it sound(s).

Why women, so unsafe Is my question?

I do not seek any hidebound,

Mind stalled suggestion.

Who, blame victims responsible,

For getting harassed, Deny uttering a word

For those who congressed.

This’s all enough,

Do not make her life So tough,

She’s born to live, Stop harassing

She’s failing to thrive.

I can see, the admix of

Fury and terror in her mind,

Why don’t you (man) stop being a blot

On mankind.

Quiescent the sowed seeds of cruelty,

Go and learn some humanity.

Grow up man, don’t make it more mess.

Educate yourself, with goodness

All I suggest.


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