Scornful male! what a shame!

“Her clothes provoked me

So I raped her”            


It really shatters me when I see people around, their brain stalled in thoughts of narrowness. Sometimes, I really abhor this chauvinist society and its supporters. Especially when they blame girls themselves, a reason for facing harassment and getting tortured by various incidence taking place every now and then in this male dominant social hub. And I wonder do they keep the same statements for their own daughters, mothers, and sisters and for other relations too?

Maybe and maybe not…

As I have seen and heard of certain incidences where people do not even spare their closed ones, so no big surprise if they speak their mouth full of bitterness for other people who are not even a part of their life and lifestyle.

Every day when I read or hear about molestation, eve teasing and rapes cases, I ask myself what could be a reason for all these crimes happening every day? And I do not know whom should I blame. Is it, illiteracy, poverty, unemployment as a root cause for this blot or is it the patriarchy responsible for inequality among males and females, or the system for not making any strict laws or what else?

When I walk on streets I see good-looking, literate, employed, rich, law makers and its keepers participating equally. Commenting on girl’s clothes and using bad words. There is no specific community or a group which is making crime; it’s all insidious in the entire section of patriarchy society.

So, it’s the mentality which should be changed, not somebody’s clothes.

People say girls wear provoking clothes which is leading to exploitation. Well, girls do get tortured and raped in small villages by Hippocrates. And they don’t wear any provoking clothing at all, completely following the societal rules, regulations and bondage but, still being raped. What would these people comment now?

And if I ask, why a guy is not getting commented or blamed or looked for any justification for wearing shorts, partying, boozing, and staying out for late nights. And yet, is called a good cool dude and a hardworking one. While the other side a girl is being tagged as a loose character, whore, slut etc. for doing the same stuff. Is it not a travesty of women’s rights?

We do celebrate women’s day but, a day for women where they get all equal rights as do men have, is still to come. And it is almost impossible to happen unless this male dependent dominating society stops mocking about women.

Let them grow and live their lives. When you males have got the freedom and rights for all what you want, then why can’t you tolerate females enjoying their life?

Visualization of someone’s character on the basis of their clothes and their lifestyle is apparently not acceptable. As there is always a black sheep in disguise of saints and no one dies as a chaste, life screws each and everyone at certain moments. So, it’s better to stop making judgments about those whom we do not know, not even a bit. People must be understood than being judged, and if you lack this capability then you must not comment on anyone’s life. You have got no right.

Therefore, rather than being judgmental about a women in specific, better

try to feel the pain she have been facing throughout her life, try to see the dilemma she is going through every day. Try to understand her a little. Try to respect her more. And put a little effort to make society learn some good values.


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